Screen Printing Definition – force ink or metal on to (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture or pattern. First you make a design on a piece of transparent plastic, the design must be black so blocks out as much light as possible. You then coat your screen in emulsion (paint) using a squeegee and put it in a dark room for 2 hours until it is completely dry. Once it has set you then expose it to light. Before this you put your plastic over it and leave it for 10-15 minutes, this may vary depending on the strength of the lightbulb. This makes all of the emulsion hard apart from the part underneath the silhouette. After this you spray the screen with jetted water to wash away the soft emulsion, to create a stencil. Once you have done that you put the stencil on top of your paper or shirt then using the squeegee again you press through more emulsion onto the shirt, which only goes through the part you washed away.

Offset Printing – A technique usually used for printing in masses. It goes through 4 different rollers, each with a different colour. These colours are cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), or shortened too CMYK. A bleed should be left so none of the picture is cropped off.

Car Game Research – Next Car Game – Source

The permanent HUD of this game is kept minimal and out the way of the main game by being in the corners. This is good because it doesn’t block the view of the gameplay how bad because as you can see by the position marker in the top left, it is not 100% clear in certain lighting.

Due to the fact the races are contact, there is an indicator at the bottom right which shows how damaged your car is. This is important because if your car becomes too damaged it will stop working. Also for example, if you dent your front left wheel, then you will have trouble steering etc. The more damaged an area is the more red it will become.

Of course with any racing game you have a speedometer in the bottom left to tell you your speed. It is designed to look like how it would on a dashboard, instead of just being a number with mph next to it.

At the top left is all of the lap information. It tells you what lap you’re on, how long you’ve been on that lap, and how long you’ve been doing the whole race. This is so you can try and beat your best time every time you race. Finally at the top right is your position in the current race.

Legal and Ethical

In the games industry these two key factors are very different to any industry. Games can almost have any content they want in them, games have stealing, murder, war, use of illegal drugs, sex, graphic images, killing of civilians the list goes on, but the games industry has been relatively unhurt by using such things in games the popular game Grand Theft Auto, which has drugs trafficking and you had the ability to hire prostitutes, was one of the most popular games of 2009/2010, it cause outcry amongst parents  but yet people still bought it, why ? Well very simple Age Ratings, in the video games industry much like the film industry games are rated for the ages they are suitable for, so if they are really bad then they are rated 18, but as with the issues of many films younger people always manage to get hold of them, via online shops or their parents allowing them, the age rating is just for purchase not for playing.

Where a boys account was cancelled by his mother and in a fit of rage the boy screams and tears up his room. But this is only a mild case people have been known to attack other people who abused then online.

So game developers want to make their game engrossing and addictive, but at the moment there are no laws to say how long a game can run on for or what it must take into consideration, Nintendo currently advice users for take regular breaks, a message will appear saying take a break is a user has played for too long, so Nintendo although they are not required to took this ethical issues into account, that users need a break, and should not be in front of a screen all day.

Another ethical issues is violence, there is a vast array of violent games currently on sale, and one of the most controversial was “Manhunt” where users hunt other people and kill them, these could be innocent people, and you would kill them in the most awful ways. This was rated 18, but in America around when the first manhunt was released two players loved it so much they got guns and went on a two hour long killing spree, before police shot them on the scene this lead the British Board of Film Classification to ban the second game instalment even though the game developers had edited out the most violent parts of them game, the ban was lifted in 2008.

So this does show games can be too violent, but games such as Call of Duty and Homefront are currently the bestselling games of all time, where you are at war with other countries. In one scene you kill innocent people. So game developers must make sure the games aren’t so bad that they can pervert someone, this ethical issue of not killing children in games or police or civilians is still strong today with not games involving children being attacked or killed, but the game developers have started to push this boundaries, as they know people will still but the game online regardless of if they can be it in store if it is good enough.

The representation of gender and religion is sensitive in films but in games it is not so much but it depends on the developer and the title, no games have currently abused a type of gender or race, as this is illegal, but games have provoked religious outcry  with “Devil May Cry” where they claim Jesus was the devil and was banned in the US for 1 week before a court ruled it was just fiction.  So devleopers do take into account ethical issues with race and gender but still religions I a touchy subject for many people as many people do follow some sort of religion.

Games are not restricted in terms of use of language depending on which age rating the wish to use, if they use a 16 or 18 they are no restrictions but below that no form of abusive language is allowed to be used.

HUD mood board

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.37.38.png

Permanent HUD is always there on screen whereas Pop-up HUD shows up when the player activates it. Actioned HUDs appear if something is triggered in the game. For my mood-board I chose pictures of different types of racing games so I could get varied HUD designs.